Newsletter: Venturing into the Woods

In response to my latest newsletter, all about woodlots, trees and paintings, a couple of friends recommended the following books: Peter Wohlleben's The Hidden Life of Trees and Florence Williams' The Nature Fix. I'm looking forward to adding them to my growing library of books about trees, rocks, birds, and the natural world in general.

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Book Exhibitions

My recent artist's book, Is There Something We Can Do, is part of the exhibition On a Different Wavelength: A Celebration of Color in Books, at the Bowdoin College Library Special Collections and Archives Department. While there, I'm in the company of Isaac Newton and Vladimir Nabokov. The book is also in the collections of the Margaret I. King Library at the University of Kentucky, and the Robert B. Haas Arts Library at Yale University.

An earlier book, A Butterfly Careless, will be exhibited in The Printed Page III, as part of Moprint in Denver, through April 2018. I'm indebted to Alicia Baily at Abecedarian Books for this opportunity.


Acquisitions and Archives


I’m delighted to announce that the Bates Museum of Art has acquired an early work, Meditations XI, oil on canvas, 2005. This painting is part of a larger group that grew to include the Geologics paintings, exhibited at Waterfall Arts (Belfast, Maine 2007) and Coleman Burke Gallery (New York, 2011).


Along with the transition to this new web platform, I'll be blogging and posting news here before the newsletter goes out. Past newsletters are available by following these links, and future newsletters will have special offers that may not be available here.

Sliding into the New Year, and a look back at 2017 — My letter kicking off 2018 reports on my trip to Santa Fe, and highlights kivas, chamisa, and recent acquisitions.

“Artist Plus Residency Equals Change” — This one was written as I was on the way to Santa Fe, and now that I’m back home, I can report that the time I spent there was mind-blowing. I’m starting a new group of paintings based on that experience, and will share them on social media and in future newsletters as they progress. Read the full story here.


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